I need to to move on, Pack my stuff up and be gone. Back out of the driveway, hit the highway,It is time for a so long. I need to leave, let you be.Give you all the space, give you time to see. I've got to live alone, find myself my own home,The way you speak to me, I don't like your tone. I zipped my suitcase and your standing by the door.I turn to you and I say, "we cannot do this anymore." You watch me, with a clinch of your fistAs bad as I want you, it can no longer be like this. But you aren't moving, and I won't move you.I drop my suitcase and I hug you. But hug you in shame!I hate myself for allowing such pain! I don't think you'll ever love me, the way I will always love you.But you've got this hold on me, you know you do.  You release me from your grip, slowly drop your hands off of my hipsI push you, you fall on the floor and I run quick! I keep running, I ran until I couldn't anymore.My heart pounds heavy, my legs are sore. I cough in exhaustion, I gasp for air,I am scared to look back, but when I do, you aren't there. I left everything behind, but it doesn't matter because I really don't care.As long as I am no longer around you, I will not live in fear. I capture this moment, I let it sink in.Imagine what my life would be like without you, if I just stop giving in.


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