Contradictions (or why little girls become tainted women)


Dress how you want, please do not change,

but accept these glares as we call you strange.

Pick a size, just any size,

but feel shameful as we tell you otherwise.

Take control, assert yourself, do what is right,

but don't get offended when we call you uptight.

Be conservative and classy and ladylike too,

but drop all that in the bedroom's view.

You're an individual, break boundaries, be yourself!

But look at her, the sight of perfection, a trophy on a shelf.

Calm down honey, there's nobody to impress,

Close your mouth, suck it in, and wear your best dress.

You're getting smaller, eat more you twig!

Don't take so much you gluttonous pig!

You don't need a man to be your whole life,

but what is your meaning if you're nobody's wife?

I am tired of your words and your magazine clippings,

I am tired of being shown and put out for your pickings.

I am tired of being put through your lean mean machine,

and being eaten by society down to my bones, licked clean.

I am the way I am, and I love that girl too

I WILL be respected, by me and by you.

Because I'm given these standards and what do I see?

This is me contradicting you, contradicting me.

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