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Because I love you, you should listen to what I have to say

Not only are my words good enough, but I think about you everyday.


Because I love you, I don't have to show how much you mean to me you should just know this automatically 

Because I love you I sometimes don't feel the same way.


And trust me it's not because you're gay

Its because I love you I continue to string you along.



Play with your heart.



Tell you the same lies that I told you yesterday.


Just to see a smile on your face 

It's all because I love you.


I love the smell of your sweet perfume 



Giving you kisses underneath the blue moon



Singing you the exact same tune that I once sung to you on your birthday 



Trust me 

It's all because I love you.


More like the dream I once dreamed of you being in 

And I can't imagine what you must be feelin'


But I love you, I love all of you

I love the fact that when I see you everyday my heart skips a beat and all the pressure fades away


I love the fact that you get me even when my brain seems empty 

Because you love me.


Because we love each other 

You always seem to find the words that I struggle to utter.


It's because you love me

Now only if I woke up from this dream I once believed to be imaging


I would be able to say the same words that you said to me 

But in a different tone, in a different key


And I'm trying

I see your effort, honestly 


You woke me up from this nightmare that had me crying



I'm going to say the three words that eventually is going to have you dying

Because I love you, you make everyday worth trying


But I get so fed up 



My self respect is worth way more than fighting.

So please hear me out when I say


I'm doing this because I Love You 

And you don't feel the same way.

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