Please don't talk

Just shut up and leave me alone.

Can't you see

That I don't deserve

To be talked to

And treated like a freaking human.

I am not human, rather an object to be used

And discarded when I am no longer usable.

So please stay away.

Please do not get close to me.

Beside, you will just leave

Once you find out how boring I am.

And that whatever I say is stupid

And no matter how many times the words

Just never come out right

And I just repeat, resay

What should be easy to say.

A simple anecdote is lost when I try to speak.

Arguments are next to nonexistent.

I feel eyes looking at me

And I think that no one wants to listen,

So I think that I should just shut up and

Stop talking forever

Because who wants to listen to my stupid

High pitch voice

That is just plain wrong because it reminds me

Of just how wrong, wrong, wrong, my body is.

I wish it were deeper.

Hmm, you still want to be with me?

Strange, but I won't tell you

To Stop.

Despite what I think

And how I feel

I still would like it if you

Would just be my friend.

Nothing more, nothing less.

If you want, I will speak

But you will have to be patient.

We could speak about anything,

Even if it is those dreaded feelings

That I can barely understand.

We will talk and talk

Or you will talk and talk

Once I get tired of talking, but I will keep listening.

Because despite what I have said before,

I still require human contact.


Need to talk?

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