Construction Zone

Mon, 11/30/2015 - 21:33 -- kconrow

I didn’t know a person could be so mentally unstable

But I found myself walking into a construction zone

The signs said turn back

But I forgot my hard hat

And I had a hard head

I dug myself a whole

Forgot that I couldn’t crawl out

I hit rock

You were already rock bottom

And part of me thinks that you enjoyed dragging me down with you

Kissed me with those cold, sad lips

You thought I could fix you

I thought you loved me

We both thought wrong

I finally crawled out

Dirty finger nails

Trying to rip away from you the piece of me you had left

Until I just let go

People say I pushed you off the edge

But I know you had already taken the jump the first day we met

I now find myself avoiding construction zones 


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