Many are suprised that I derive from the logic that you should have a say in what happens to you.

May seem tedious but if you don't say anything the vampirism spreads and the corspses rise

from girl to ghoul the rules of society seem monstrous.

Going gaga over ladies and parading their bodies like some free lance paparazzi,

cat calling until you meet claws and treating self defense like the feats of femme fatality.

Mortal Kombat is a game and the reality can be just as gory,

surely the players see that their stage is in disrepair but no one seems to care

silence equates to acceptance of trauma,

but she must be overly dramatic in a panic over drunken antics for like a drunk driver she is at fault.

No one cares that the richter scale went past nine when her body was defiled for daring to be fine

But it's fine that not even a fine shall be issued against the assailaint

sailing through legal loopholes that whirl through the halls of justice.

We measure pain based on the physical damage done,

the mental scars are not visible and human decency is invisible

and what is pretty apparent is power equals might which mandates laws as flawed as mortal society

who combats against concepts as simple as


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