Wolves grace along

     in packs, the

     beauty of their

     fur ruffle in

     the wind, snow,

     and sun rays.

 All so bright,

     the wolf touches

     the water’s surface

     viewing the pink


Icy water a

     barrier separating  it,

     from claws - the

     stained ivory keys

     to a new


The wolf’s hunger

     feeds the fish,

      the water feeds

      the hunger, and

      the air feeds

      the fur.

Touch, breathe, sink,

      and clutch.

      The wolf baits

     waiting like the

     bipedal predator foe.

Succulent meat, bone

     snapped, sinew sliced,

     blood poured - skewered

     on a fisher’s


Perhaps, mates in

     another life?

The wolf drags

     her flopping scaly

     stew to five

     impatient pups.

 The fisherman catches

     more than his

     fill, his family

     more than sated.

 To fill their

     den, taking a

     whiff, a dip,

     a smoke, and

     a lunge, devouring.

 One life among

     all to feeding

     each other.


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