i Do not see six degree's of separation

The only thing I see is an ego less nation

I'm apart of all cultures I feel the connection


thats why I want kids so I could repair my incorrections,

in my reality there's no such thing as a  boxed description

heck I've even asked myself  sometimes  am I just preaching

do the nobs I chose to  push add up to what I'm  really intellectually releasing,

cause if I am only working on this lifeless ego it will be a  conversion

Yo one day soon all vehicles shall decrease in its false value free from collision

black and Africans, Caucasian Americans and latin Americans are all hoax divisions 

we all have a soul and a malcue so where's the real ridicule, we are all divine beings experiencing this earthly incarnation

 Together repeatly until get it right, then we'll be on our next journey for sure leading the next flight  destination



This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world


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