I lay here writing the words I can't say
And the longer my mind fights wondering and wanting to say hey-
And the longer we go without a word, this becomes a never ending day
What do I do, what do you want from me, what is the message you try to convey
As to me, I worry over the potential of writing myself as a cliché
The words about your smile, your beauty and with me, I wish you would lay
Wish you would just come clean and tell me what you want so I'd obey

Burst into my life and through my walls you've broke
From a seemingly endless dream, I have awoke
You speed the beat of my heart like a thick line of coke
I haven't a clue as to what to do, I've been mesmerized since we first spoke
You've become a drug to me, I'm addicted and need a toke
A double shot of whiskey, Don't make me choke
Pressed to my lips like a cigarette, You, I'd chain-smoke

I worry you may be giving me the runaround
Lack of communication leaves me confound
But with some action, you'd have me like a slain adversary- downed
Are you afraid, emotions tied and bound
Nipping at my heals, following my dripping blood, is my desire for you, personified bloodhound
To reach safety, must accept and dive in the river and risk being drowned-
By you- this confusion has left me dumbfound


Renaissance Brother

Very smooth and on point.

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