Life is confusing where it goes and no one knows which way the wind blows… but think if we were all so intelligent as if school was irrelevant just a place where people went for the hell of it… which it is… if you think about all the hours people are supposed to spend working they’re daydreaming, reminiscing, trying to achieve just a glimpse of their perfect life. Then they snap back to reality and for a moment they’re confused. Confusion is a way to tear apart a relationship and put male and female in different places it hurts... it hurts to know that society says that all is equal in God’s eyes but then turns around and will discriminate against the first person who isn’t like them without a second thought of why or how… why or how this person is different and what caused the so called blasphemy going through their head and now the victim, the outcast, is in the corner crying to herself asking God why she’s different, why was she born. If God made everyone and everything the way He saw the world, your life planned out before you, and if your decision is so wrong, if your way of life is so… off then why be born into a world where hatred is your form of love. Confusion. Confusion of how this hatred can rock your mind, keep you so unfocused on priority and restlessness is the solution to your equation of problems but you still love these hypocrites… you love them so much you feel it in your soul. These same people who loved you sincerely at first but then they learned “the truth” they scolded you and took you out of their life which slashed a gaping wound into your heart that bled tears that flowed endlessly because there is no bandage for this. No one feels your pain so you go through this in solitude and struggle with all this confusion… and deep down all you want, all anyone wants, is to be loved


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