Confused Freeverse

Stone cold science

was what you were

until year three of Evangelical

bible camp.

In the two weeks since

we last scoffed

at bible thumping 

jesus freaks


basked in the glow

of tolerance and women's rights

you've been saved.

Good for you

I guess

but when you're born again

why chose to be

Born Again?

I can't envision your face

without remembering headlines of

nice white christian men

traveling overseas 

to suggest the death penalty 

for gay Ugandans.

Or think of the woman who

upon hearing of my neighbors death

asked if she had found jesus

before her passing


when the answer turned up negative

it was such a shame she'd go to hell.

She was jewish.

Or better yet 

backpack kid

and his neon blinking lights that read

On Board for Hell.

I'm happy to read with you and discuss with you

scripture and the gospel and groups

that in an effort to love sow hate.


is about 

spreading the word




that bible is up to interpretation.

Eight years of Sunday school taught me not to bother.

But maybe

I'm just strong enough

on my own.





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