Conformity vs. Creativity


I was taught since birth,
Trained like a circus animal,
To focus only on my flaws,
Ache over every splintered quality,
And strive for perfection.


So I did. I quieted my voice,
Even though inside I was screaming,
Stuck between conformity and creativity,
"Perfect" was what everyone else wanted to be,
But I only ever wanted to be me.


They beat down my self-esteem,
Said I didn't fit the description "pretty,"
Said I was a strange little girl to pity,
No one would want anything to do with me,
But somehow I felt free.


I was an outsider, not staying in the box,
But I didn't care; I was smart as a fox,
Stronger than an ox,
More courageous than anyone,
Standing up for myself.


I am a fighter,
Earning respect along the way,
Because I won't take no for an answer,
Setting my own standards,
Aiming only to impress myself.


Headstrong, steadfast, and unafraid,
I take control of my own destiny,
I am proud of the person I have chosen to be,
Refusing to be knocked by society,
Armed, strong, and ready for anything.

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