Because I love you

I tend to lose my self around you

I  want to be everything at once

Your super man… Your lover…Your best friend… Your king… 

I put on the cape to be a superhero 

But… Because I love you

I find myself becoming a superweirdo

I lose control and get lost in your eyes

The light shade of kryptonite reflecting off of them

I try but I can’t fight it

I throw on the cape, but your smize

It overrides it 

Because I love you 

I cheese harder than a mouse 

Stuck trying to find every path into your heart

but I’m trapped in the curls of your natural hair

Im running through the maze

but that sweet smell of shea

You have me stuck in a daze

Because I love you 

I listen close…

I hear the roar of your soul surpassing that of a lion…

The sound of pain ringing in my ears

Those roars aren’t hollow my dear

I want to remove it but I cannot

It is the same pain that gives you your greatest quality

For it is you… my Nala

Because I love you

I pretend not to see the smirk you try to hide from my jokes 

so corny I might as well serve them with butter

You have charisma so rare you’d be amazed it existed

A drive that not even a bugatti could handle

And with that you push me

To be a better version of myself 

I’d do anything to see that beautiful smile

To do whatever it takes 

Because I love you…



…..I should let you go


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