Confidence is made of abundance. With the creation so comes the destruction. With the positive so follows the negative. So with the unadulterated belief that you are something, something that is real, someone who is true, and worthy, and advanced, so comes the confidence that is manifested along with it. One must see the image and reflect it to be true in the walk, in the mannerisms, in the very essence of one’s being. With the creation so comes destruction. Let’s understand that you may fall, you may falter, but you cannot disappear into oblivion. If your confidence isn’t as grand as you want it, isn’t as vivacious as you need it to be then understand that confidence goes to infinity. Infinity of confidence may be positive or negative. When I say negative I mean what, where, and how one seeks out confidence. I hope never on the destruction of another person’s esteem. It is the positive self-creation that is birthed that allows simultaneous nirvana of self-confidence in others which flows through the course of space and time. Confidence is made while one is awoke and during sleep of every second, minute, hour, week, month, year, and life time if one deems it so. It will ooze from the pores; a room will become scented as the confidence enters. Yes, confidence is all around.  It is all matter, it moves as molecules moves.  One may find the nucleus of confidence for it is a living thing that is hosted by the individual. Confidence is in abundance.



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