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In midst of February’s holiday
Red rose and chocolates are everywhere
A group of Couples walking down the street
Where cupid shoots them as they turn away
A husband buys his wife a teddy bear
Or takes her to a sidewalk café for a treat
Love is in the air every sight and sound
Love is in the air as people look around
But surface level beings is all you see
They come expose their misery to me
A clinic filled with brides and grooms to be
As they sit and wait for their turn to vent
Rethinking if they made the correct choice
Remembering the times of jubilee
As I give them my advice and consent
A few refuse it while others rejoice
Some wonder if they are wasting their time
Or look as if they committed a crime
They are all so different as can be
Just like the fishes in the Baltic Sea
The Cheater, morals show complete respect
He caresses his young pretty woman
As if he could never love another
But he has a marriage full of neglect
A wife that knows nothing of his demon
He says “we are perfect for each other”
But who does that perfection allude to?
He declares he likes his women in two
His ideology: pure intellect
“Trust me” he instills, this will lie unchecked
His anxiety shows his real psyche
He lies to himself saying it will work
But he keeps faith that he does nothing wrong
They will never find out; it’s unlikely
The cheater will never agnize what lurks
The Jealous one, her boyfriend, always wrong
Her accusations are expressed with hate
She says “He is always with her” they date
It’s apparent that he ruined it all
He would be the one who is quick to fall
He shouldn’t be allowed to be with friends
States it is his fault and is left broken
She wants everyone to give her pity
But is everything about her pretend?
Disfavors toward her are left unspoken
Honestly, she can reflect quite witty
There is no sympathy for the poor boy
She blames him for everything, like a toy
Of course, there is no guilt on her behalf
The situation leads people to laugh
The Innocent one, never to be touched
Just follows the standard prerequisites
But you can’t judge someone by what you see
Just like the others, she wants to be clutched
She doesn’t think innocence as she sits
She will mask what she really wants to be
She wears her dark jeans and light green t-shirt
But she wants to wear that short mini-skirt
She asks, why can’t she be that sexy girl
Forbidden roles unable to twirl. ‘Cause
She wants to be more than sweet innocence
She wants to relate to what others do
But how can she change a role that she plays
With a word filled with complete insolence
She clings to her trait as if it were glue
If only she could throw it all away!
She is the Flirty one, giving false hope
And she says they need to learn how to cope
They fall for her trap, only to fall short
But she says she isn’t acting that court
Her alluring tone could catch anyone
Yet she believes she speaks just like a bro
The attire she chooses grabs their eyes
She thinks she resembles that of a nun
The other girls think she reached a new low
Leading on all those boys with sneaky lies
She doesn’t think she plays with their feelings
Soon, all the lies will reach the top ceiling
Then she will have realized her mistakes
To discover what really was at stake
The lesson here is you reap what you sow
He is Oblivious; can’t understand
The way he lets his girl walk over him
But he says “I know her all too well”, so,
“What could go wrong? We have made many plans”
He can’t complain, she has him by the limb
He describes his girlfriend with upmost pride
If he knew who she is, he would have cried
He is just a pawn in her little game
But he still believes she is quite the dame
What will be the outcome if he finds out?
It’s not possible, he is way behind
He is certain she is not unfaithful
Her honestly is something he can’t doubt
When it comes to her he is way too kind
A man so kind lives a life so wasteful
She is Clingy, the way she drags him down
Already measuring her wedding gown
She says she cannot stand those clingy ones
But what does that make her? The one that runs?
If he isn’t with her, she watches him
With surrounding eyes that follow him close
Almost like sadistic-voyeurism
She punishes him and captures his whim
He says her attitude comes with great pros
There is no individualism
Come one, come all, he has no liberty
That has to be some kind of causality
Slowly she bases her life off of his
She will not stop until she is his Ms.
But of course, she detests those clingy ones

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Throughout my past 4 years in high school, I have experienced a fair share of good and terrible relationships, both through myself and through my friends. The way different people act in relationships was what inspired me to write this poem. I found it crazy how much a person could change once they were in a committed relationship, so I decided to in a way poke fun and make commentary on these different types of 'personalities' in relationships through the eyes of a relationship counselor who sees the couples for who they truly are.

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