Confessions my One Love

10/6/2014 To become the refined wife I want to be for you. I am so glad God filled me with his love so I could love myself to love you. I will always love more each day and try to keep you safe. He says it is alright just as long as I don’t lose myself but I won’t. I pray for us and it hurts, I think he knows this is love is true too.

You’re my love

My lover

Husband you say

Waiting on the words to crawl out your lips

Marry me

Marry you is what I’ll do

Becoming your refined wife

Hearts entwined together for a celebration

In heaven they rejoice

I am so thankful of marrying a child of God

The ring bestowed on my finger

Declaring that I am your possession

Your lover

My lover

We will be wed


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