Confessions of an Insomniac


Nighttime falls and the phoenix of fallacy comes again.

Deeds in darkness dealt

No swords, no knives, no tools of harm.

The mind can be the only charm.

Reclining, recumbent, except in the mind

Where thoughts run awry from ideas of shuteye.

Tepid milk from a cow and a pillow to rest

Locking doors and locking windows of the nest.

Luxurious lists leap through the mind.

Catastrophic clutter keeping eyes dry,

Slumber and death yet so far apart.

The only difference between them is the beat of a heart.

Rest assured the beat of the cured

But what do you do for the ones with no time?

Take time to tell time that you need more time.

Octagonal advice from a doctor of mine,

Suggestions and requests are always in line

Vitamin C, E, and B12 should keep all disease at bay

But what about the disease that comes when I hit the hay?

Sinking through seas, traveling through time, falling through faith

It’s just half past nine.

Take trepidations, conquer their might,

Killing them quick with the flick of a knife,

Jostled abruptly and out of my sleep,

Keeping thoughts inside and feelings asleep.

Shutting the doors to the world of view

Noticing something different, terribly new:

Verdant pastures, flocks of sheep,

Is this a dream, a dream to keep?

Arms outstretched, mind open wide

Running, letting go of what is inside.

Closer and closer this dream comes alive

Yards away, nothing to hide

Aware and awake seconds away

Jumping right back to the disease kept at bay.

Decode this decadent darkness they say

“Where are you my child? Are you at play?”

Voices vivaciously grabbing at me

Pulling me under these undulating waves.

Tide grows higher,

Thoughts grow wider,


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