Confessions of the Child in me

I never really understood who I was

Now more than even I still wonder who I am

Yet I think before I had an idea or I thought I did

Just in one short year I lost that part of me


Who was I going to be now that I lost sight of that part of me

No longer filled with the same driven passions that kept me awoke

Now filled with self hatred for the skin that made me well me

Questioning my being and state of purpose


Wishing for devilish things to happen to me

So that oblivion and the sweet abyss would accept me


Then it happened just of the blue

I found my new self in someone

I thought to could be the purpose of me

No one ever explained I need to be that new person


Giving pieces of myself away hoping to get some in return

Instead I lost all of me with an added bonus of heartache

I wanted to feel that high to be needed

As quick as the high came it went


Yet again I was going down in a spiral

Trying to salvage the pieces I had left of me


I had thrown myself into a worse situation

Questions that started whisper to me from within the darkness

Secret that wanted to be relieved

Put burdens on my body mind and soul


How do I love thy self

Constant comparison pushing limits and boundaries

Who was this new me

This me that went through hell and back


She has not fallen or even dropped her crown

She was just asleep waiting on me to find her

We depend on no man nor woman only taking it one day at a time


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