Confession of the Unborn Child


United States
30° 53' 25.512" N, 84° 25' 2.1612" W

I was concieved without intention
without love or care
I was growing inside of her
she didn't even know I was there

she was only fourteen
just a baby to her mom and dad
but to the boys
she was a new and upcoming fad

they showed her love, gave her compliments
and made her feel like she was the one
but once they got what they wanted
they did what they knew best: run

I came into existence
and she finally knew
I scared her and she panicked
because she didn't know what to do

She said I was a mistake
she couldn't let anyone know
so she went to the clinic
and told me i had to go

I was ripped from my mother's wound
without love without care
I never got the chance to grow
or recieve the love children and mothers share

I am the unborn child;
the mistake wiped away
but in my mother's heart
I am still her child to this day



Wow... Thats deep! I like it.


omg i live near you that poem was heart touching

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