Confession Time

Confession Time


I don’t feel guilty.

I don’t hate my thighs.

I should feel filthy.

But I can’t find one reason why.


Truth is I want to love me 

Even if you can’t 

Even if you can’t see

How I have begun to plant

My own roots

To grow 

To change

To glow

To exchange 

My pain

For the love.


Love that you never gave.


But I can’t forget

Since the last time we met.

No kiss or touch can erase

My heart race

Every time you’d look at me.

Or the emptiness I felt

When you set me free. 


I love him.

And you hurt me.

So why is it you I write about like the sea

Of your eyes,

How deeply blue.

As cold as ice

When you’d seen I’d outgrown you.

But still, you hold me back.

A weight on the empty black beating of my torn heart.


I love him.

But I can’t forget.


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