CONFECTION (Lucy In The Sky)

Sat, 06/15/2013 - 03:15 -- BJKurai


United States
32° 43' 0.2784" N, 96° 32' 46.7376" W

My Heart is screaming

and my soul wields a tongue that tastes of liquor

The barracks of my brain are crowded

loitered and littered of estranged thoughts


I’ve wished my nerves numb

and pondered the bliss of a blank retrospect


and as I slowly melt, as I sink down and waste away

I am extricated by my own words


by the letters I own


I am liberated, salvaged


by my weapon

by the ink.


It can hush my heart’s moaning,

my soul is sobered

the blood of me is a brighter red

and for a moment,

I might know peace


born from a shade of expression,

a color of soul’s speak


I think in a single stretch of road -entitled focus

wrapped warm in a broad vision

and sharp, fresh eyes


I am teaming in memories

but they flow like a simple spring breeze,

like a crisp river


or a beam of lightning taking pleasure in it’s strike

a slow course of electric ecstasy


from the edges of my mind

and the shallows of my ticking heart

spitting loose from the end of my pen

I’m spilling forth the truth of my center


No fabrication

or chaos

or anxious sweating, dripping hands, or earthy throat


It is the love of me, the rough

the congested conscience... made tangible...


It frees the burning of myself

the never ending scrutiny


What of me is perspicacious?...parsimonious?...presbyterian?


What exists beneath my skin?

what are my dreams belting out of my chest,

in desperation?

the ink.

takes me away-I am thrown, uncaged

pointing at the grit, the axiom - the ink does


branded into my bone


I am made conspicuous to myself

joy is in the letters, the graphite validity

carbon print of the inner ivory


my heart is singing,

and my soul wields a tongue that tastes of confection....



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