Concrete Rose

Sun, 08/24/2014 - 14:24 -- Xspose

A seed was implanted into this fine earth soil, when individual life was created. Created for growth as roots, planted firmly into the ground of tomorrow, spread like leaves amongst a petal extravagant enough to bring the sun to shame.

Ignorant to it's beginning form, in that spot where the seed was planted, a Rose arose like babies open eyes to gaze into a bright world unseen. And beauty was it's name, but society became it"s shame, and life became a game when society planted dandelions, bluebonnets, and tulips to be arranged as competition.

Now that Rose doesn"t want to grow because that true inner stem was missing. Missing as society created a pavement so others can walk over this now ugly flower as cement poured from an open flow.

Years later, when seen, people wonder why the flower never really had a chance to grow.

I guess no one will ever know.

Concrete Rose.


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