In The Concrete Garden

Wed, 03/16/2022 - 11:07 -- Zanies

     He don't trust and run with guns 

swears to me, he can't be loved

hurt inside from not having anyone

riding around with music loud

to block the voices in his head

     Momma left and daddy did too

he grew up alone

finding family in people that killed 

violence in adolescence 

sprouting evil in his concrete garden 

feeling that was the only thing that could grow

     She had a garden dead

momma was violence at the mouth

daddy only came through once a year to cause pain

strangers walk the halls of a foreign house

she never felt at home there

feelings of anger killed her garden 

all that remained was the soil

nourished with her dead happiness

     So she carried her soil

placing it on his empty concrete

stacked higher and higher

a place of potential is created when they are together

     And so she takes his hand and places it in hers

as they sit together and watch love bloom

from the space created by them both

the unlovable and corrupt boy has found her

her who loves him and brings peace

and the abandoned and abused girl has found him

him who protect and cherishes her

      This girl has found a home 

home in his heart

feeling something invincible

how to say I have...

love, love for a thug

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