Compliments To The Men Outside My Door

“Hey baby, give me a smile?”

Don’t smile. Don’t look. Ignore.


“What a pretty little lady!”

Don’t talk. Don’t look. Ignore.


“You’ve got a nice ass!”

Don’t stop. Don’t look. Ignore.


When my safety

Relies on the men around me

I do not want

To leave my house


When my body

Belongs to everyone but me

I want

To stay inside


When my feelings

Are smothered by egotistical maniacs

I do not want

To be accompanied


It is not a compliment

It is not flattery

What you are doing

Makes me sick


I am not being bitter

I am not being snide

What you are doing

Makes me cry


We are scared

That we will be followed

Raped or killed

Yet it is still our fault


We say no

But that is never

The right answer

For a man


This poem is about: 
My community
Our world


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