like you. 



those words are wrong.  


I can't tell you:  


in all it's all its unconditional  



you make my caged heart sing  

my boughs sigh 

the laughter in my brooke  

the whispering wind in my ear 

promising me something pure 

and true 

and wonderful.  

just as you are.  


you make me feel beautiful  

when I haven't showered in three days  

and am once again awake at 3 am.  


you don't make me worry bout my clothes 

you don't care if they match 

becuase your eyes are always gravitating towards mine 

like two planetary spheres 

never dipping below my face  

unlike so many others.  


too good to be true 

its enough for me  

if you promise to stay for a while 

Im not asking for forever  

just not another heartbreaker  

please, lord, please 


but is it enough for you  

if I can never say I love you  

so that I never break your heart  

because I never want to hurt you... 

because I love you?  


so when you ask me  

how I'm feeling  

know that all these things  

are going through my head 

when I sigh 


and say 

It's complicated.


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