Distance please 

Masks and so much complaining

Numbers growing out of control

Contagious- the risk to every soul


Out of the blue

China and bats

When will this stop invading

So many are complaining


Culture and beliefs

facts of science

Doctors say vaccinate

Complainers say too early and too late


No one can avoid

The info,the stats

The government say please do

Complainers say poo


Complain covid


Covid complain


What’s right, what’s wrong

We all have a view

Not a view from a hospital window

Complainers are hard to swallow



Listen to the experts

Complain about the experts

Just suck it up


I’ll do my mask

I’ll keep distance

I’ll vaccinate

Before it’s too late


Complainers complaining

Energy wasted

Fear equals complaint

Complaint equals fear

Getting on we stand

A chance forward

Stand together

To see a future together


This poem is about: 
Our world


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