What I need is not just any person,

not just anything, 

but a feeling of importance, 

a feeling not of loneliness,

but of comfort.

The feeling you get when you wake up,

It's cold, but the blankets are warm,

for as long as you need.

But, I don't need a blanket.

I need the feeling.

The feeling of one million butterflies.

One million butterflies fluttering,

until I no longer feel alone.

This feeling could be filled by a friend,

it could be a pet,

maybe even a love.

I need this feeling,

because without it, I can't survive.

The same way a fish needs water,

I am the fish.

Lying alone, grasping for the feeling.

I need company.

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I love this ! Great job!

Grant-Grey Porter Hawk Guda

Powerful expression! 

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