Common Beauty

Mon, 04/29/2019 - 10:28 -- karma78

you grounded me 

though i'm never too far from the breaking point

and of course i loved you

but i wish i could forget you

and all the lies i was forced 

to pull out of the depths of my heart

now i'm only talking from fear

cuz every time i come back questioning the tears

but we fought for what we believed in

and now i feel like i'm living inside of a cage

shifting through our ancient ruins

but you don't know how heavy this burden is

cuz you are a beautiful liar

and i'm afraid to be heard

afraid i'll be heard again

i mean i carved your name

into my heart

with a switchblade

cuz i thought you were beautiful

long before i saw the real you

but you broke my heart 

before anyone else had the chance

and i didn't give a shit

but listen, you beautiful bitch

i am my father's daughter

and minor conflicts start wars

 a picture shouldn't be judged by its color

so now i will keep my walls up

cuz love is not for me

you promised to hold me 

with your care

but now all i feel is blue and very poetic

i was eating off your plate of lies

and i'll always be ready to forgive

but for now i write

only about our beautiful devistating truth 

and the way you looked once you knew

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