Coming Undone Before Your Eyes

I am here to undo my mistakes.

To let you enter my world

Since I made the mistake of leaving you out.

My life is not the easiest

But it's not the hardest one either.

I have a life where I can do what I want

But not be who I really am.

I have restrictions as to what i can show the world,

My family, my friends, my peers.

I have no right to show what I really feel

Without the pressure of the world

To mold me to who I am not.

I am here to come undone before your eyes.

To show you what I've been through.

About letting society get to my head.

And changing the way I think, dress, speak, live.

I am here to say what I have not been able to.

I am here to feel what I fell

And not have somebody breathe down my neck

Making me stay inside my shell.

I am here to show my life and how I am to be who I am.

I am here to say that I am not prefect.

I will not even come close. 

But I can try and try as I might,

I know I will not achieve it,

So let it go.

Learn how to give up on useless people,

Useless ideas, useless items.

Just let me be and I will shine

Even if not how you wanted me to

But I will shine.

And I will remove my filter.

And I will live what life I want.

I will say what I say.

I will fell what I feel.












Without a filter.


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