Coming Out (my biggest fear)

That feeling;

hand shaking, heart missing beats .

I can hear the drop of a pen.


I knew when I was 5.

But I'm 15 now and can no longer lie.


The boys never gave me cuties, 

and I never wanted to hold their hand.


Never drempt of prom with the boy next door,

but I'd say 'I do' if she asked me to be her's forevermore.


I know in my heart that these feelings are true

but convincing others is a different issue.


They call it coming out of the closet,

but it feels more like coming into myself. 


I've never felt this nervous, 

the closet has never looked so nice.


Though I'm so happy I did it,

the fear never fades.


Coming out is forever,

"Hi, my name is Taylor and

I'm Gay."


- Taylor Ann








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