Coming Out

Mon, 11/17/2014 - 02:57 -- cluleya


You see me but only the outside and preconceived notions cloud your judgment of my reality. 

I’m not trying to hide but,

I haven’t come out to you.

You couldn’t understand why I get so angry when you say illegal immigrant or when you justify by religion.

See I haven’t told you that I came from “immigrants” and how my uncle committed the biggest sin..suicide..

and me my hardest decision.

I haven’t come out to you  about why I care so much about the rights of the LGBTQI and equality. Cuz To me sexuality and gender are on a continuum and we cannot deny feelings or emotion.

I haven’t told you about how I grew up in poverty

and how I’ve used education to rise above this cycle,

trying to not be a part of the 95% who get stuck, over and over again shit out of luck.

I haven’t come out to you about how gender affects me on the daily and how I’ve internalized racist comments and feel shame every time I walk into a room.

Not just any room, one with metal bars symbolizing the prison of oppressions  that keep me down.

I haven’t shown you my hunger, my hunger for not just food that I can’t afford but also for systematic change.

My desire to not be left in the cycle of chains that statistics has destined me for.

Another female, latina, confused, lost and poor.

I haven’t came out to you but I’m coming out today.

La lucha sigue..

The fight continues


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