coming down (inspired by the weekend)

Wed, 09/24/2014 - 10:15 -- JMgray

I sat here contemplating the beauty and sinful lustful tempation of your body curves,
and then I tried to make my self mad because you get on my fucking nurves.
As I sip on this bottle with a devilish grin thinking of ways to make you moan again and again and again.
The wine ignites something so lustfully delicious that I begin to feel you pull my as im deep with in it.
if you let me pleed please jury hear my case and ill make the judge pound that gavle so hard you'll feel it on my face. as I begin to rise and grip You up with sin, lust rising as were grinding I slowly slide in......pick.... up... your im almost finished and I want you to know im... all ..... alone... I always want you when im coming down


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