Coming Alive


as the sun sets 
my dream awakens
my dream of being someone 
my dream of being something 
my dream comes alive
a thief in the night
coming to steal lives
the lives of all of my doubts 
the lives of all of my fears 
my doubts, my fears, no longer 
death knocking at his own door
nothing can stop me
faster than the flash
I zoom past
right past the haters
right past the naysayers
right into arms
the arms of my promise
squeezing me tight
so tight I nearly break
break free from the boundaries 
boundaries set by those beneath me
set by those who succeed
only succeed at failing
and failing to succeed
set by those who believe the sky's the limit
set by those too afraid to reach for the stars.
set by those beneath me 
as the sun rises
my dreams settle into rest
my dreams of success 
my dreams of being someone
my dreams that are yet dreams
until my reality sets in.


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