Comfort Zone


Why can't you see me?

I'm here, waving my hands




But no one notices me

then again, is it because I'm lazy?

Or are you the one that's lazy?

God please

Answer my prayer

If you're even listening

People out there, abusing each other

Spreading hate wherever they go

Making you feel as small as a bug

Wish you fell down the rabbit hole

And grew gigantic by eating mushrooms

Getting high

Loosing grip on reality

I want to push myself

Not fall down the rabbit hole like poor Alice

So naive, so innocent

Never knowing how to make a difference

Push beyond the boundaries

Make life more than it seems

Come on now, take my hand!

Show the world that we've got a plan!

Get rid of those mushrooms, you won't need them

Cuz' we're starting a rebellion

Too scared to show my face

Yet saying these words, am I looking for praise?

Who cares about the race

When it's what's on the inside that counts

God help me, save me

Don't let me wind up like all the others before me

Let me see the light, you feel me?

I want to graduate, but have no money

Resorting to other means God help me

Bring me out of this violence, this hatred

show me the light

Bring out the light in me

God bless you. Amen.



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