It matters not the amount of times I fall apart

He has always been there to pull me out of the abyss,

He grabs both of my hands and pulls them into his chest,

Then he brings them to his lips and caresses the top of my knuckles with a tender kiss



He gazed into my eyes, before even glancing at my body

He touched my hands before grabbing at my hips

When he wraps his arms around my waist

His lips brush the top of my shoulder;



Unafraid to talk of the future, prepared for any destiny;

I love watching the passion dance in his eyes as as he describes what he cherishes

The way he talks about his mom and the kindness toward her,

The respect he has for his father,

And the smile and laughter that escapes his lips make me fall even more in love with him;

I have full confidence that I am his only love, I have no need to fear



His brow gives way to his concern when he asks about the last time I slept or ate

“You okay?” he says as I cast my eyes down in despair,

he rests his hand under my chin and slowly tilts it upward and searches my eyes

while gently tucking a stray hair, behind my ear,

His eyes unravel every burden in my soul,



he holds me in his arms tight, but gentle

I cry into his chest, as he affectionately strokes my back

I grasp his hand as though it’s the only thing holding me together, he tenderly squeezes it

and we face the day, as one,




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