Come To Me

Sun, 12/01/2019 - 16:49 -- Bisma

Come to me.
The whispers said.
Come to the shadows.
'But I like the light,' you said.
'The laughter, the joy.'
Come to me.
They say it's silent there.
'But I like the loved ones chatter.'
All the life you looked for love.
In people who just kept leaving.
'Leave me alone, leave me alone.'
Now that's you always say.
Where is the heart you used to have?
Why don't you put it in other's hand anymore?
You forgot what to trust was like.
I have never known something sadder.
But of course my love, the world's full of pain.
You will always find yours badder.
Two hearts don't hurt the same way.
No two people heal the same way.
Come to me.
The whispers said.
When you were in your worse.
Hold yourself up.
Tell them to go.
Hold yourself up.
Be the strongest person ever.
'Go away,' you told them.
You said you were better than that.
The courage it takes to choose the light is not easy.
But you were the one who chose it and you were the one who's strong.
You will be happy.
You will trust again.
You will love again.
Everything will get better.
The light will kill the shadows.
And courage will kill cowardice.
Come to me.
The whispers will say.
But you will not hear it anymore.

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