Come Home

It covers the imperfections and the happiness and the loneliness.
A cold walk through the city park.
You're tripping over your feet again.
The black dress shoes you polished yesterday look like they've been forgotten in your dusty closet for weeks.
More money down the drain.
More screams running through your pipes.
And you pull your pipe from your black, slick coat pocket
And lite up.
Your wife will cry and say you're  killing yourself.
And you'll say you're dead already.
And white.
You saw her on a cold, dreary day.
Red lips
And a tan coat.
She's reading up the world's mistakes and smiling.
Seemed foreign.
You remembered from your glory days.
You were happy. 
Remember happy?
One foot in front of the other.
Take another breath of smoke.
The coughs and the darkness are
like slowly dying.
She spreads her long legs in front of her.
Designer heels.
Covered, frail fingers.
About this porcelain woman.
She didn't seem
She was pale and frail
But smiling.
Your weakness and her effortlessness
Sparked something other than your cigarette.
You'll go home and you'll remember the first taste of your wife's lips.
You'll remember the first time you had enough money to buy that old suit.
It seemed so new then.
So unbreakable.
You're breakable.
How can someone made of broken porcelain still stand up tall?
Maybe they start with finding their pieces and pulling them back together.


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