Come Home

The light in the window was blown out

When we closed our doors on their tout.

We have seen so many seasons come and pass,

But this winter I want to make last.


You have seen some hard times in your years.

I have to battle my only rival; 'tis my Fear.

The days drag on ahead of us like a tropical storm,

Always so wavering, but always so warm.


You know if my demons hurt you, they hurt me too.

Count down the shadows in a sightless room.

This mind is unwinding without sign of end.

I want you to stop me so we can help it mend.


The years go by so coldly without a trace.

I keep track of days by the lines on your face.

Even the song that your heart sing seems meeker.

Conviction in your just speech, so much weaker.


We cannot let it get to us at this late age,

Whether it is peace of mind or a war of rage.

Don't let anyone fool you when they tell you otherwise.

Taking their welcoming hands, you will find demise.


So forgive me all my faults and weakness,

I will admit, I have found further weakness in your kiss.

Trust nothing and nobody except for this:

When you are far in your mind, it is you I miss. 


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