Come Back Rain


Rain, rain, go away

But don't be gone for too long,
I still want you to come back another day.
Not necessarily because I appreciate the rain,
Umbrellas up, heads down, 
People rushing here and there,
But without the rain,
I cant appreciate the sunshine after the storm.
So rain go away, 
So that I can appreciate this day, 
But come back later when things aren't going so well
And humble me, slow me down,
And make me watch every step I take.
Wash away everything that has built inside my heart, 
And sing me to sleep with your rhythmic beat.
Then in the morning when the sun comes up again,
I can look at the dew on the grass
And be reminded that everything in life,
Good and bad, will come to pass.
So, I need to learn to live in this moment,
appreciating the sunshine and the rain,
and understand that with each, 
Comes both beauty and pain. 
So rain, rain, go away,
But please, please, come back another day.



Very good!!! 


Thank you!

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