Come and go

This is based on a friendship About  me and my other half

Come and go

You come I go

I come you go

Forever and ever

Our friendship is 

Forever we fight 

We fuss but at the 

End of the day were

Stronger together 

When were together we have so much fun

Forever and ever 

We are a ton 

You make me smile 

On my bad days 

I make you laugh when

You need it 

Come and go 

When I go 

You stay when

I’m hurt your my 

Shoulder to lean 

On When your down 

I’m there stronger

Together forever 

And ever.

Come and go 

Side by Side 

Or miles apart

We are friends 

Forever You are always In my heart and I’m forever yours  

When i leave you hold it down When i’m sad you stay around come and go forever and ever only god knows that we are stronger together when I’m having the darkest day just the little things you say take all the darkness away


This poem is about: 
Our world


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