Left with nothing to eat

We turned & found our breadbasket in the street

 Robbing more than Deniro & Al Pacino in Heat

Our gats busted more than the times your lonely ass watched team skeet

This pride we got is rather weak

Our outlook on the future rather bleak

An early escape is a reputation’s treat

Respect & remorse left with your dying heartbeat

When Uncle Sam takes it with the blue police’s red stained outfits of white sheets

With these murders being swept not under the rug, but the seat

Obvious enough to where you can see

The nation shitting on us systematically

Handing out murder then medicaid to my people

This is heart of darkness’s sequel

Never once considered an equal

Our pigmentation to the pigs is lethal

Only seeing a phoenix of hellfire when we look at the bald eagle

Your patriotism is nothing more than racism that isn’t deceitful

If you need any proof just talk the Sioux’s team of legal’s

It’s taken over half a millennium to sue our imperialism’s evil

Your treaties were an agreements equivalent to a dung beetle


The bodies of buffalo stacked & left to waste

All ordered by the forefather’s on each dollars face

It’s rather funny when Custer was granted grace

By his lifelong adversaries with a red face

This poem is about: 
My country


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