Colors For You


Colors for you

If you could reach into the deepest end of existence,
what would be the one color
that would make it worth it all?
Would it even have a name?
Hypnotized by the tide's ability
to meditate on the moon...
When street lamps of amber
Are burning bright,
I think of all that's lost and fought.
All in the same
Calling my name, is comfort in this desolation and self denied contentment.
Broken gears are not becoming to most, but in that moment I can cease to be.
If I could reach out and pick a color....A color so rare indeed, a color at the depth of existence....
I would pick Love every time....
Love has no bias nor is it any one and only color.
love is grief and brief....
Love is grand and designed for fools like myself.
Love is a tool for broken hearts
that feel like they can't be mended...
Love is a trade and a compromise..
It's a stranger telling you that everything is going to be okay on a long train ride to being fine when you get it.
Love is a journey full of transcendence if WILL be able...
Sometimes it feels like nothing's left, but even in nothing there is a
A neural flick that gives way to flame. Flame to fire... Just like love....
Fire is not just one color.....


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