Colors of My Smile

Come over and listen,

Listen to a tale of a girl,

Once smiling bright, Now smiling shy.

A tears falls down her cheek as her smile brightens the room,

A smile that never reaches her eyes.

Bright teeth that are the envy of others,

But pain insider of her chest that just seems to bother.

Her nails dig into her skin as she faces yet another painful lie.


Never to be happy, never to truely live.

Always enclosed in her own bouble,

All they seem to notice is the bull all around,

But never her lies.


So at night, when no one watches,She rases that metal to her wrists and slices the pain away

Forgetting the struggles and worries. 


All she worries about now is the fresh scars ...

But never about the watching eyes that shead tears for her pain

but going on as these things

Go unoticable behing her colorful Smile..:)



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