The Colors of his Love

His words are golden.

He speaks with purpose,

Encouraging and challenging me in one breath.

He gives me the words of affirmation my being thrives on.

When I burn out, his words bring light.

His words are golden.

His silence is sky blue.

I am refreshed by letting my opinions be heard.

In every disagreement, there is a healthy silence for thoughtfulness.

He believes no argument is worth risking my heart.

When I stab, he gives me air.

His silence is sky blue.

His love is crimson.

He holds my hand through every trial,

Making me feel precious and secure.

The busyness of life does not stop him,

He shows his love in the minutes, hours and days he spends with me.

A fierce, strong, gentle crimson is his love for me.

His friendship is a bright violet.

It's fun and playful,

full of jokes and pranks and laughs.

My laughing snort brings him joy just as his belly laugh does to me.

I am honest with him and he does not judge.

He is the best of friends.






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