The Colors Around Me


Above me I see an open sky,

Blue as can be.

No restrictions, unlimited beauty.

Nothing can compare.


To my left I see black.

I see fear, I see death.

I see the darkness,

For not all things can be seen.


To my right I see red.

I see sin, I see war.

I see the secrets and abhorrance,

For the Devil wears red.


Behind me I see green.

I see envy, I see misfortune.

I see the truth in humanitys' eyes.

For everyone wants something.


Facing me I see yellow.

I see diceit, I see illness.

I see those sick in the body,

And those sick in the mind.

For no one is unscathed.


But up, above me I see blue.

Above I see confidence, truth, and harmony.

I look up when I feel down.

For I know that in this imperfect world, we have blue.

We have hope.



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