Mon, 12/21/2015 - 20:57 -- chang_

My mind

My world

is a blank canvas


the colors around me

are gray

even with the help of

that sunshine ray


but she


she made me see

the red of the moon

the green of the ocean

the purple of the leaves


the teal of the tunes

the pink of the commotion

the brown of the bees

the yellow of joy


but never did i ever see blue

everything felt so new


she is my yellow

and also my red


she was the one

who resurrected me

from the dead


but colors mix

and before we knew it

we were picking up sticks


she was my green

and also my purple

she made it seem

like I could overcome

any hurdle


the orange of the roses

the violet of my laces

the silver of

my heart


Then all at once

she took the colors

from my canvas


she took the colors

from my life


and that was when

she finally made me see




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