Colorful, Harmful World

Up and down
Side to side
This crazy world, once black and white
Now I look around
And crazy colors I see

Red, so bright but dark as well
Anger, passion, strength, and desire

Orange, vibrant and free to be
Wisdom, joy, and pleasure

Yellow, bright and warm
Happiness, caution, and energy

Green, it’s own world rollercoaster
Jealousy, growth, peace, and harmony

Blue, so deep and beneficial
Loyalty, health, power, and tranquility

Purple, the the last of the rainbow six
Romance, royalty, mystery and frustration

White, so pure and innocent
Cleanliness, perfection, and light

Finally black, white’s counter
Death, formality, and mystery

All these colors circle around me
Some more than others
I shall learn to keep them even
For the world isn’t always a lovely place
And wrong feelings just may be the death of me


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