Color your world

                                             Color your World

  My world would be gray because black is too dark and white is too pure. Gray because we live in a world where respect is hard to receive , a world where you have to fight for what you believe , a world where being different means you're weird.  We live in a world where you're judged because of how you speak or what you wear.

 Gray because we live in a world where kids think its okay to give up. When in reality giving up is not an option. Gray because we hide behind what we all know as social media. I'm tired of seeing teenagers run to the internet to fix their problems, how about talking to a friend about it and solving the problem. I'll be the first to admit that I have fallen into the trap, but I have also crawled out of the dark hole of social media. Gray because people think that bullying is the new fashion

 Gray because we talk about each other whether were doing good or bad. Gray because lying is all we know. Instead were scared to tell to the truth because we don't want to get hurt. Gray because we are afraid of the future and we're afraid to fail. Gray because we are talked about because of our sexuality.

 Instead of helping each other and building each other up we only lower each others self esteem. A world where we only think of ourselves. Gray because racism is still a big issues. Gray because police officers fail to correct their mistakes and commit offenses. Gray because  everyday families are losing their love ones to violence. Gray because no one is bold enough to speak up about these problems without being judged. GRAY BECAUSE GRAY IS THE NEW BLACK.

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