The Color Of My Palm


Can you see it?

It is looking back at me

The color that we wanted to be


The color of our history

The color that caused pain and war

That color is what we are fighting for


The color that led the nation for a very long time

The color that made it hard for me to climb…to the top

The color that always pushed me around and told me to get the mop


The color that is “so called smarter than me”

The color that didn’t know what it was like to have a dream

The color of my palm


Now can you see?

The color of my palm doesn’t matter in society

The color of my hand determines my nationality


Look at me now

Accomplishing goals that are higher than any ground

Taking ownership of my hand


Don’t look palm

Look at the color of my hand

Look at the stereotypes we have been placed into


Look through our eyes

Our point of view

My palm


The color that was wished

Now it’s the color that was missed

I can finally see my destiny


It is flying in the air searching for a place to land

Do not go by the color of my palm

But by the color of my hand.


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