Color Me Dear

Fri, 08/07/2015 - 13:57 -- yagurt

Blinding light

Of bright hues

Captivates one’s eye

Never pausing

In its day’s work

Colors drift with time

Shifts from dawn to dusk

Never pausing

With blending pigments

Bleeding into our lives

Daybreak of pastel lilac skies

Gradients of raisin and ebony nights

With fresh juniper air,

Rich pine filling one’s senses

Sweet peridot lime shade

Clouds drifting on and on.

Then delicious jam fevers,

And searing cherry perspirations,

Sky clear as aquamarine.

To honey sweetness and deep pumpkin spice

Warming the skin

From kisses of filtered lemon rays

Leaving umber, dead leaves in it’s wake,

Finally sleek porcelain powder,

Everything blended to ash,

Frost and cold, chilling to the bones.

How scarlet anger flares, hot boiling blood

Simmers to a tranquil cool mint,

calm as still seafoam.

A precious strawberry love,

Dripping of heavy fuschia affection

Even with emerald envies,

deep mossy jealousy murking,

Colors deep and rich

reflecting seasons and beings

More than just sights the eyes find pleasant,

pigments reflecting one’s soul

colors me dearly.

This poem is about: 
Our world


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